Finding the last crumb in Amsterdam

Want to know where you can spend less than €20 for three sandwiches, and drinks in Amsterdam? Then keep reading 🙂

Every time I have friends or family visiting me in the Netherlands we would spend a day in Amsterdam.  As a good host, besides taking my guests sightseeing I also need to feed them.  Of course, I’m sure anyone would appreciate chips with mayonaise, a slice of pizza or even a raw herring sandwich, but sometimes it just doesn’t hit the spot.  Sometimes you just want to go somewhere where you can have a proper filling lunch that doesn’t charge you tourist prices.  Super lekker (tasty) food with reasonable prices, does such a place exist?  YES!  🙂

DSC02216 DSC02217

Ladies and gentleman, you are looking at the window display of De Laatste Kruimel (literally translates to “The Last Crumb”) in the city center of Amsterdam.  I mean, just look at all the cakes, pies, and pastries!  Wait, there’s more!


It’s not a lunch without sandwiches, quiches, and salads right?  Well then you are at the right place.  What about drinks? Why not order a coffee or a freshly squeezed orange juice.  This cute cafe is that it is right in the heart of city center (Langebrugsteeg 4,1012 GB, Amsterdam, Netherlands), it’s just right off the Rokin.

Most of the time I cannot resist the temptation of the delicious pastries, so I take a brownie with me on the go.  Tourists and locals alike come to this cozy little cafe.  You can make a take-away order or take your time to eat in and enjoy coffee in the back terrace.  The best thing about eating at De Laatste Kruimel is that you never have to feel guilty for stuffing yourself.  First of all, everything is fresh and is prepared on the spot (so that’s hardly fast food), and in my opinion the ingredients are pretty healthy.  On the other hand, it’s relatively cheap for food in the touristy center (and for the quality the prices are great).  The last time I was here with two friends we spent about €20 between the three of us, and we ordered three sandwiches, and maybe even a salad on the side.  Well, I’ve already enjoyed a slice of cake on numerous occasions at De Laatste Kruimel, make sure you don’t miss out on your slice the next time you are in Amsterdam.


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