Paris, someday is TODAY!

I’ve never been to Paris. I know… I’ve travelled to Europe numerous times before ‘settling’ down, and during the last five years I’ve been living in Europe, I’ve never been to Paris.

I’ve always avoided going to Paris because I worried about not having enough time and money to go, see, do, eat everything. And if I don’t have a good experience, then the pristine image of the French capital would be forever ruined for me… I don’t want that!

Well, I’m going to Paris for work, so now I have to go.

I’m going to Paris, not

but really today!

Thursday and Friday will be for work. Then I have the weekend off for myself and my boyfriend. I think I’ve done enough homework for this trip. I’ve taken notes from the pages of my Eyewitness Paris Top 10, I’ve interviewed 3 different friends who have lived in Paris for insider tips, I’ve quickly reviewed how to conjugate verbs in my Easy French Grammar handbook, and I’ve watched Midnight in Paris and Paris Je t’aime respectively 3 times.

I think I’m prepared. I’m feeling both nervous and excited. Will return after the weekend and looking forward to sharing my Parisian adventures!


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