Easy bake in the evening for easy mornings

Now that it’s colder and getting light out much later, I have such a hard time getting up in the mornings.  I have to recite motivational speeches to myself to get out of bed.  In order to ration on that extra 5 minutes for snoozing rather than preparing breakfast in the morning, breakfast for me must be prepared beforehand.  My solution to that is baking muffins in the easiest way as possible.

Rather than baking from scratch, I have opted out for making muffins out of a box.  Usually I would feel guilty for doing this, but this is comfort food and not meant to be artisan forest fruit muffins.  And who said Easy Bake is only for kids?!  (Sweet memories of my one-light-bulb oven!!)  

The nice thing about store-bought basic muffin mix is that the batter is so easy to make… you don’t have to collect all different kinds of ingredients.  The box I bought only required adding eggs.  To make things more interesting, I added a handful of frozen forest fruit berries into the batter.  Instead of adding berries, perhaps chocolate chips would make another yummy alternative. Scooped the batter into the muffin form, stick ’em into the oven and voila!  An easy effortless way of baking in the evening that rewards even a lazy non-morning person like me with breakfast for an easy morning.

Easy Serrano Ham and Melon Salad

A bit ironic, but being lazy is sometimes actually lead to being productive. After getting off work on Monday, I went straight to the supermarket without a clue of what to buy for dinner, and simply asked myself what I can make that requires absolutely no effort. I was at the sandwich meat section at the time and I spotted Serrano ham.  I remember the last time I had Serrano ham it was with honeydew melon as an appetizer.  Bingo!

I quickly grabbed a pack of Serrano ham, a bag of arugula salad, a pack of mixed melon salad on-the-go (already diced, genius!) and some pine nuts.   And there you have it ladies and gentlemen – Melon Serrano Ham Salad.  Prep time – 0 minutes!

IMGP6094 IMGP6097

Easy comes in three

Coming home from work on a regular weekday, I can’t say I’m really in the mood for cooking.  This is a summer salad that I love making because it’s easy, healthy, and super refreshing.  Not to mention that it hardly costs anything!  The best of all possible worlds.  There really isn’t a proper recipe as there are only three simple ingredients and you adjust accordingly depending on the number of people you are serving.

I usually go for 1/3 of a watermelon, 1 cucumber and a bunch of mint leaves.  Three steps: dice the watermelon into cubes, slice up the cucumbers, then sprinkle with mint leaves.  Mix & toss all the ingredients together, then you have a lovely watermelon and cucumber summer salad that costs nothing more than 5 minutes and 5 dollars.  Enjoy!

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